Hands on Review of the Anear LED Spotlight with PIR Motion Sensor

On Amazon: http://amzn.to/1OY6qHm

Full Disclosure – This unit was provide to me by Anear with the express purpose of review and was not purchased.


I was contacted from Anear about reviewing the Anear LED Spotlight with PIR Motion Sensor for the blog.  Since I had the perfect spot in the garage to install it, I took them up on the offer.  Currently in our garage, I have a switched light that we always end up leaving on since the switch is in a very bad location.  I installed a florescence light there to help with the energy savings, but the light is still on 24/7

First off, the packaging was simple.  The box included the unit, some mounting screws and a manual.  The front face of the light unscrews and exposes the battery compartment.  That has two clips that release the back of the cover and allow you to insert the 4 D batteries.  It all snaps back together very simply.

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Once the unit is back together its ready to install where ever you need it.  3 screws mount to just about any location.  It’s a drop dead easy install!  In my case, I mounted it in the garage, very near the light that was always on.  I found the stud in the celling and mounted the 3 screws directly into the studs.  5 minute install

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Bright enough to see in the garage at night and enough light to fill the space without waking up the neighbors.  Light goes off after 30 seconds of no activity.  Easy to use, easy to install and easy to maintain.  Documentation says about 3600 activations for each set of batteries.  If it comes on 10 times a day, that would get me about a year.  About $9 worth of batteries!  http://amzn.to/1Mj1EH2 

After a week of use,  it’s a keeper!

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Here are some of the specs from Anear’s site

  • Ultra-Bright: 4 Ultra-Bright LEDs Produce 500 Lumen that turn night into day.
  • Energy saving: Powered by 4 D-cell alkaline batteries for up to 3,600 activations (lasts 30 seconds per trigger)
  • Intelligent Sensors: The light’s sensors have been designed to respond to the heat and movement signature of the human body, reducing false activations
  • Durable: Our light’s casing is made from ABS materials that provide excellent resistance to heat, impacts, low temperatures and chemicals
  • Instant Security: Safeguard your home or business both inside and out with our Motion Sensor LED light.


Product Description

The Anear Motion Sensor LED Light can provide automatic illumination to your home, garden or business. In fact, thanks to its small size and light weight, it can be installed almost anywhere. And, you won’t need an electrician on hand either. The light has been designed so that anyone, anywhere can install it in a matter of minutes.

Automatic – The unit’s built in light sensors mean that the light doesn’t operate when the ambient light is above a certain level. Once this threshold is crossed, the light will automatically enter standby mode and will activate if movement is detected by the motion sensor. The light will stay on for 30 seconds, and, if no further movement is detected, automatically turn off.

Ultra-Bright – Our lights are equipped with 4 ultra-bright LEDs that provide fantastic illumination across a wide area. It does this all with just 4 D Cell Batteries.
Instant Security: Safeguard your home or business both inside and out with our Motion Sensor LED light.

Versatile – The light can serve multiple purposes from lighting up a shaded area to deterring intruders from entering your property.

Instant Security: Safeguard your home or business both inside and out with our Motion Sensor LED light.
Its sturdy casing is made from materials resistant to heat, light, freezing temperatures and the effects of chemicals. It’s also has an Ingress Protection Rating of IP44 meaning it can stand up to whatever the elements have in store.
Outfit your home or business with Anear’s Motion Sensor LED Lights and you’ll have peace of mind in minutes. And all with the minimum of fuss.

Warranty Information: We guarantee the Led Spotlight for a lifetime of normal use