Top Home Tech Integration to Consider in Your Next Remodel

Top Home Tech Integration to Consider in Your Next Remodel



By Ryan Martin from – Guest Writer

While you’re preparing to renovate your living space, go beyond brainstorming how you want your home to look. Think about how you want it to perform and function. Home automation can make your daily life simpler and your surroundings more intuitive, allowing you to spend less time thinking about convenience, comfort, and even safety—and spend more time doing the things you love. 

There’s never a more opportune time to integrate home tech than during a remodel. Home Improvement Leads is here to help you discover top-of-the-line applications and appliances to add to your project. 

Precise Heating and Air Control

Home automation can be glamorous, but it can also be pretty practical, too. If you’re ready to tackle high utility bills or inconsistent HVAC performance, consider a smart thermostat. Top contenders include the 3rd Generation Nest Learning Thermostat and the Ecobee3, both of which take programmable to the next level. The former’s biggest strength is right there in its name: it learns your routine and tailors its performance to match, so that you’re comfortable all the time without having to think about it. 

The strength of the Ecobee thermostat is its accompanying sensors, which you can place throughout the house. The system recognizes any spots that are too hot or too cold, as well as which rooms are occupied, and adjusts to your home’s current needs. Both models can be controlled via your device. The precision of control will help you conserve energy and save money. 


While wall outlets and motion sensors are hardly the stuff of smarthome daydreams, these are the little touches that allow you to kick your feet up and enjoy the Internet of Things (IoT). A smart home hub allows countless related products and third-party devices to connect under the same app, so that you can easily control different functions all around your house. You can set up lighting “scenes,” monitor for water leaks, or even program a game console to remind your kids to do their homework. 

The Samsung SmartThings Hub and the Wink Hub are both impressive networks of products that connect to your device for you to program and control remotely. Both are relatively easy to set up and pair with a diverse range of products. 


Home Safety 

It’s easy to get carried away with the joy of the little things: having a cup of hot coffee ready when you wake up, or getting the vibe right for a party with a single screen tap. But increased home security is one of the biggest benefits of smart home technology, and it doesn’t play around. Piper home security and Arlo Wire-Free Systems are the cream of the crop. Piper allows you to connect five cameras throughout your home and alerts you when something is awry. It’s also a bit more than just a security system thanks to features like light and appliance automation. While Arlo’s functionality is entirely focused on home security and monitoring, it’s 100 percent wire-free, which means you don’t have to feel limited by cords and connections when choosing optimum locations for the cameras. 

If you’re wanting to include home automation as part of your remodel, it’s best to consider what functions are important to you and go from there, rather than starting with products or hubs that may have countless features but ultimately don’t meet your needs.