Marvin Bee from Podnutz Pro Talks Monitoring Networks with Hands On Tools – HGG492

We have Marvin Bee from Podnutz Pro found at joins us this week as we talk about all things networking. After getting to know Marv a bit (he goes by Uncle Marv on social) we dig into his day job at MB Systems, then look at the NetAlly EtherScope Handheld network analyzer as well… Click for more / Podcast Player>

Dave McCabe and Gadget Geeks Woodworking Tools – HGG490

Dave McCabe from and the Reset Podcast joins us to talk Woodworking for gadget geeks this week on Home Gadget Geeks. We catch up first with a little crypto talk and then move into his projects with wood. We finish with some updates on lawn care and Jim has a big announcement next week… Click for more / Podcast Player>

When is Mining Crypto Worth it and Apple iMac and AirTag First Look – HGG488

We have a listener question from Kyle about when is it worth it and not worth it to mine crypto. Mike looks at all the factors and gives some advice. Mike is watching more F1 racing and even paying for it! We look at the new hardware from Apple with the new iMac and AirTag… Click for more / Podcast Player>

Crypto Exchanges, Tesla Test Drive and Leaving YouTube Premium – HGG487

We spend some time this week talking about using Crypto Exchanges and after Coinbase, what might be your next exchange. Jim does a Tesla test drive last weekend and gives his thoughts. We wrap with some thoughts on Mike’s PC upgrade as he considers joining Storj again.  All that and more! Click for more / Podcast Player>