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HP TouchPad / WebOS: The 28 Day Experiment – Day 2

This is the second time I have written this blog post.  The first time I used the WordPress App on the TouchPad to write the entire article.  Just before I was ready to post it, I tried to add one more screen shot.  The process hung for about 20 minutes.  Unfortunately, I never saved the post as a draft (something I will do from this point on!) and so when I closed it, the post was gone.  Gone forever.  Bummer.  Huge WebOS fail.  I am still running the 3.0.0 software so maybe the update will fix it.  I will have

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HP TouchPad / WebOS: The 28 Day Experiment – Day 1

Two years ago I made the leap and jumped on the Palm Pre bandwagon.  I still remember the day I brought it home, connected to my home wifi and started downloading from an apps store that had some 300 available applications.  In those days, the Pre was a product of Palm, and the WebOS was the first multi-tasking mobile OS created.  Even though the phone release was very late and the iPhone was all but dominating the market, I was on Sprint and wanted to give this new product a try.  One year later, I found myself on Android!  Guess

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