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#35 Fitness Tech Podcast: I Think I’m Going to Lose a Couple Nails After this One!

Jim and Jamie are back after a couple week break to update everyone.  The water is rising on the Missouri and flooding some parts of Omaha but nothing can stop the podcast!  Things must continue. Jamie recently finished a half Marathon in Norfolk NE. http://www.laughandahalfmarathon.com/  She did do well but had some issues with her shoes.  It was warm and Jamie gives some good advice on surviving a long run when the weather is hot.  She also give some feedback on the race as well as reading some comments of the race from active.com. You can follow Jim on Twitter

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#31 The Fitness Tech Podcast: Marathon Nutrition, A Reader Email, Running Shoe Tips and Phone Apps for Calories

Jamie and Jim are back for some traditional and old school fitness tech podcasting!  We cover some nutrition ideas for long fitness events, read a listener email, give some tips on buying the right shoes, building up your running distance to reduce injuries, some discussion around stress fractures as well as new technology in shirts.  We also spend a few minutes at the end talking about nutrition Apps for your iPhone or Android device.  Its and action packed 40 minutes. You can follow Jim on Twitter at http://twitter.com/#!/jcollison. If you want to contact us here at the show, email us

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