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#23 The Fitness Tech Podcast: Live from Peak Races Snow Shoe Challenge in VT. Jason’s at 60 Miles

We checked in with Jason Jaksetic during this 100 Mile Snow Shoe Challenge to see how he was doing.  I was surprised at how good he sounded after what he had been through over the last 24 hours of racing.  It’s a very open and honest interview and will give you the idea of what… Click for more / Podcast Player>

#19 The Fitness Tech Podcast: Interview with Ultra Athlete Jason Jaksetic

Jim, Carrie and Jamie (joined us late in the podcast) had the opportunity to do a Friday night interview with Ultra distance athlete Jason Jaksetic.   Jason blogs at his site jasonjaksetic.blogspot.com and represent Spartan Races.   Jason walks us thru the his training, nutrition and what it feels like to compete in Ultra events as… Click for more / Podcast Player>