The Fitness Tech Podcast #2 Junk Food? That’s a Great Diet!

FitnessTechCarrieThe best thing about Show #2 is that we made it through Show #1!  Thanks to all those who took the time to download and listen to our very first Fitness Tech Podcast.  We enjoyed recording it!

In Show #2, Jamie and I again talk fitness and tech.  Jamie shared a post about a guy who went on a 30 crash diet and only ate junk food.  You would think he would have gained a bunch of weight, but you will be surprised at his results!


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We also talked about the different websites that are there to help with nutrition and some tips to surviving Thanksgiving and holiday eating.  You could even or organize your very own fitness event and use Facebook or Twitter to advertise it.

If you have a smart phone, Jamie gives some tips on how to get the most out it and how to set up a workout for the first time.  Great advise for those who might be starting a new fitness program in 2011.

We Finished the show with some talk about the new Microsoft Kinect Platform and talked about using other platforms like the Nintendo Wii to help with fitness goals.


Junk Food Guy

Jim’s Turkey Trot Event – Sample of a way to do it!

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Hal Higdon’s Marathon Training Guide

Microsoft Kinect

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