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#28 The Fitness Tech Podcast: Special Guest Dave Tyler and Lots of Mountain Biking!

Jim and Jamie are joined by Dave Tyler, a Technology Trainer at Gallup and this week we talk about his passion for mountain biking.  He gives us some insight as to how he got started, what it takes to get started in the sport and what he goes through during a typical racing season.  We… Continue reading

#27 The Fitness Tech Podcast: New Barbie – Recovering Carrie, Cookbooks, Clock Blocking and Long Runs

It’s been a two week break for the Fitness Tech Podcast and it was time to get back after it!  Jim and Carrie break down the activities of the weekend and cover an update on Carrie’s health, the new Spartan Cookbook contest, a race update on the State Farm 10 mile that we stretched into… Continue reading

#26 The Fitness Tech Podcast: Jason Jaksetic and Completing the 100 Mile Snow Shoe Challenge

I caught up with both Jason Jaksetic and Carrie Adams after last weekend’s 100 mile event and we recapped the final 40 miles of his race.  In a very open and honest interview, Jason walks us through the next 36 hours of the event and how he felt both during and right after he completed… Continue reading

#25 The Fitness Tech Podcast: A Wrap on the Frozen Burrito and Special Guest David Seevers

Jim and Jamie spent some time with Ironman finisher and over all great guy David Seevers for episode 25.  Dave completed his first Ironman in 2009 and is looking forward to Ironman Canada later this year.  We hope to follow Dave on his journey as he progresses to the start line! We also spend a… Continue reading

#24 The Fitness Tech Podcast: The 2011 Frozen Burrito

Jim Collison and Mud Mafia running mate Dan Svoboda made the three hour trek to Neligh Nebraska for the 1st Annual Frozen Burrito Race.  The 4.7 mile event, organized by Jeff Carpenter and to benefit the local High School track resurfacing, was held on a brisk morning at required hats and gloves!  The “not your… Continue reading

#23 The Fitness Tech Podcast: Live from Peak Races Snow Shoe Challenge in VT. Jason’s at 60 Miles

We checked in with Jason Jaksetic during this 100 Mile Snow Shoe Challenge to see how he was doing.  I was surprised at how good he sounded after what he had been through over the last 24 hours of racing.  It’s a very open and honest interview and will give you the idea of what… Continue reading