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Windows Home Server, Photo Management and more on Windows 8 – HT079

Jim, Christian and Andrew are joined this week by Chris Lux and John Zajdler for Show 79 of The Home Tech Podcast. This week, it’s a Windows show, with the guys starting off talking about the recent Microsoft announcement relating to the Windows Server 2012 lineup, which removes Windows Home Server and Windows Small Business… Continue reading

Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, Kogan’s IE7 Tax, Verizon FiOS, Tabletop Lasers and Dominating Websites – HT077

Jim and Andrew are joined this week by Gary Johnson (filling in for Christian) and Bryan Auer for Show 77 of The Home Tech Podcast. After going over some of the equipment that Bryan has in his studio (like the Dell Latitude ST tablet Atom Z760 which Bryan has running Windows 8), the guys talk… Continue reading

Windows 8, Internet Safety and Security, Raspberry Pi, OpenDNS, Freegate, K9, Solar Power – HT075

Jim and Andrew are joined this week by John Zjadler and Rich O’Neil for Show 75 of The Home Tech Podcast. The guys start off hearing about Rich’s new push bike, a Specialized Secteur Sport Compact, before briefly about some of the new Garmin exercise watches, including exercise watches that also work as a bike… Continue reading

Home Tech Podcast Special: Nokia Lumia 800, Windows Phone 7, Nokia Drive, People Hub, Pinning to Start, Camera

With a freshly minted Nokia Lumia 800 on loan and in hand from Nokia and a couple of the best Windows Phone guys in the Home Server Show community, we thought we might take a run at a couple Windows Phone 7 podcasts.  Jim was joined by Chris Lux, Greg Welch, (almost Tim Black) and… Continue reading

Rode Podcaster, M-Audio, Subsonic 4.7 Beta, Google Music, Windows 8 Release Preview, Facebook Messenger, MSE Pre-Release – HT073

Jim and Andrew (well…sort of) are joined this week by special guest John Zajdler and Gary Johnson filling in for Christian on show 73 of The Home Tech Podcast. Gary picked up a new Rode Podcaster – Large Capsule Broadcast Quality Dynamic Microphone with Rode PSA 1 Swivel Mount Studio Microphone Boom Arm and Rode… Continue reading

Oracle v Google, Bing and Facebook, IE Only on Windows 8, NEST, Vudu and Microsoft v Apple Sales Numbers – HT072

Jim and Christian are joined this week by special guest Gordon Schmidt for show 72 of The Home Tech Podcast.  We tried using the very new Google+ Hangout feature called “On Air.”  The show video is now available on YouTube at the Average Guy Podcast Channel.  Give it a try. MozyPro–secure online backup for businesses… Continue reading