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I’m Gonna Lose a Toenail, or My First Marathon

WRITTEN BY TRISTA KUNCE Becki hates feet. So I knew when I brought her to my physical therapist to learn how to tape my foot that she would tape it quickly and efficiently, especially after she didn’t believe that I had never heard of a pedicure before. My feet are faulty: I overpronate, my arches collapse, and I have supination of the feet and bone spurs on the back of my heels. Clearly I don’t have great runner’s feet. And the legs attached to my feet? I’m built more like a chicken than a gazelle. Oh, and I have iliotibial

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The Fitness Tech Podcast #14 No Protein Bars? 9:00pm Snacking? Carrie’s Corner? It’s All Here!

Jim and Jamie were back to the regular schedule for this weekly podcast.  We talk some about Podcast #13, how to take Carrie’s recommendation and avoid protein bars and use other sources, Greek yogurt, up coming races for 2011, live blogging from the Groundhog Run, how to use your company intranet for fitness purposes, more… Click for more / Podcast Player>

The Fitness Tech Podcast #13 Eating Clean Revisited and Mud Mafia Success

Jim and Jamie are once again joined by Carrie Adams on a special Saturday night edition of the Fitness Tech Podcast.  Carrie gives and update on the Mud Mafia, we talk about some upcoming races, get an update on what Carrie has been up to and get some great advice on eating clean.  We included some funny outtakes from the beginning and end of the podcast, so be sure to listen all the way to the end.   Carrie’s Sites: You can contact the show at and follow Jim at!/jcollison   [audio:] Or Download episode (Right

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The Fitness Tech Podcast #12 BodyBugg and Tips to Recharge Your Winter Fitness Routine

Jim and Jamie are together again with special guest Jamie Hunt, a Technology Manager at Gallup.  Mr. Hunt talks to us about the BodyBugg and his experience with it.  A real world testimony and audio review of the product.  If you have been considering using a tool like the BodyBugg, you will want to listen… Click for more / Podcast Player>

The Fitness Tech Podcast #11 Yurbuds and Ironmen!

Jim, freshly off his trip to Las Vegas and the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), shares with Jamie all the excellent tech gadgets he came across and even his brush with Ironman fame! Jim had the opportunity to “run” into Mirinda Carfrae, (@Mirindacarfrae) the 2010 Kona Ironman World Champion and Tim O'Donnell, (@TOinTRI) the 2010 Ironman… Click for more / Podcast Player>