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The Journey of a Thousand Miles…

I wanted to share a real life story with you from one of our listeners.  Esa has been a long time listener to the Home Server Show and began to listen to the Fitness Tech Podcast soon after we started it in December 2010.  The two of us chatted one evening after the live recording of one of the podcasts and we started a conversation that put him on a different road in life.  Below is his story, in his words.  I hope you can gather some inspiration from it! Our goal is to track Esa’s progress over the remaining

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Carrie’s Clean Cooking Corner Show #1 (Video): Sweet and Sour Chicken and Double Chocolate Cup Cake

The Fitness Tech Podcast presents the first installment of Carrie’s Clean Cooking Corner, a Video Podcast.  Jim and Carrie (with Sarah behind the camera) got together for Carrie to demonstrate some of the basic principals of clean cooking.  Shot in a real kitchen with real food, Carrie walks through the prep and presentation of Sweet and Sour Chicken with a Double Chocolate Cup Cake for dessert.  You may be surprise at how easy and fast the meal comes together. Carrie has posted all the instructions and recipes at her blog,  You can email the show at Follow Jim

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The Fitness Tech Podcast #16: The Trek, a Frozen Burrito Race, Ultra Runner Jason Jaksetic and Fat Fast Food!

On a blustery Friday night, Jamie, Carrie and Jim got together and were live on uStream recording #16 for the Fitness Tech Podcast.  If you want to know when the podcast is live, follow Jim on Twitter at  If you want to contact us here at the show, email us at We spent… Click for more / Podcast Player>

Super Angry Birds, the New Google Android Market and the Difference between Sleeping and Hibernating PCs – HT010

Has anyone seen Brian?  We couldn’t find and had to do the show without him!  Christian joined Jim for show #10 and we talked about the new Android Market that is not a phone app, the upcoming Super Bowl ad that will include an unlock code for another level in Angry Birds and the difference… Click for more / Podcast Player>

Changes to the Podcast Schedule this Week! Take Note!

We have some special events coming for you this week on the Average Guy Blog and Podcast Network.  The Home Tech Podcast is moving to Wednesday night 2/2, 6:00pm CST and will be broadcasted LIVE right here.  Brian and Christian join Jim for the regular content.  The link is below. The Fitness Tech Podcast is moving to a special time on Friday night, 2/4 9:30pm CST and is LIVE Here as well!  Carrie Adams is again joining Jamie and jim for an hour of great nutrition talk.  We also have some good news and a special new segment to announce. 

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The Fitness Tech Podcast Special Event / The 2011 Children’s TLC Groundhog Run 5K/10K in Kansas City (Audio and Video)

Jim and Carrie headed down to Kansas City this weekend for the 2011 Children’s TLC Groundhog Run.  3500 runners from all over the area converge in an underground storage facility for two very unique races.  The 5K race kicked off at 9:00am and the 10K at 10:00am (that makes it easy to remember!).  Both Jim… Click for more / Podcast Player>